The Washington Food Industry Association promotes, supports, and protects businesses in the food, beverage, and convenience industry.

Priority Issues

For 117 years, WFIA has supported and protected the independent grocers and suppliers of Washington State. Over 20,000 reliable, stable jobs rely on the grocery industry.

WFIA is the only state based grocery association and one of the oldest associations in Washington. The association advocates the interests of the independent grocery industry on state legislative and regulatory issues that could significantly impact the business operations of our food retailer and wholesaler member companies. Our strength is in our members and WFIA represents almost 500 unique and diverse members in every corner of the state.

WFIA 2018 Priority Issues: 

  • Employment Law Mandates & State Preemption: WFIA SUPPORTS legislation that would make the state the governing law in all wage/hour and employment standard requirements to ensure employees across the state are treated similarly and to reduce confusion, cost, and paperwork for employers.  
  • Retail Theft: WFIA supports amending the definition of theft to include the act of concealment of the property with the intent to deprive another person of its use and benefit.  This is to include the concealment of an item within a grocery store with the intent to remove the item from the store without paying for the item.
  • Petition Signature Gathering: WFIA supports a state mandate causing signature gathering firms to register with the Public Disclosure Commission and report all funding and expenditures and take responsibility for training hired signature gatherers on the legal and illegal activities of entering private property to gather signatures. 
  • Restore Litter Tax to DOE: Continue to ensure that all of the litter tax dollars collected are used for cleaning up litter and for local government programs designed for recycling, disposal or composting the products being taxed – including public education regarding effective and proper disposal. 
  • Raising the Age Limit for Tobacco Sales to 21: WFIA OPPOSES increasing the age of tobacco sales to only those 21 or older at a state level.  Until all jurisdictions, including tribes, all other states and Canada, also increase their age for tobacco purchases, retailers in Washington State will find themselves losing business, not just for tobacco products but for other products as well, to these other jurisdictions.  
  • Service Animals: WFIA supports the use of well-trained service animals in grocery stores for individuals who have a qualifying special need, but opposes allowing individuals to misrepresent their dog or miniature horse as a service animal when entering the grocery store.  
  • DOSH Penalty Information Disclosure: WFIA supports action that forces L&I to disclose to employers upon the issuance of a penalty that detailed information exists on the reason and that the calculation of the penalty is readily available upon a simple request so employers can determine the fairness of the penalty and protest if appropriate. 

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