Implicit Bias Training with Cassandra Pye

May 20, 2021 10:30 AM

Leading Consciously: Understanding the Science of Unconscious (Implicit)Bias

We’re all being ‘had’ by our brains.


We all have biases that can affect our behaviors. These attitudes – unrecognized on the conscious level but powerful at the unconscious level – influence our choices and decisions. Cognitive scientists and researchers continue to learn more and more about the human brain, how it functions and how most of our actions, intended or not, are powered at the subconscious level. This Leading Consciously training makes a science-based case for how biases develop (naturally) and how those biases affect our decisions and actions – in the workplace and beyond. Unconscious bias can impact everything from hiring and promotions, to who receives special assignments, employee evaluations, customer service, sales practices and public safety.

This is an effective, interactive, comprehensive course which helps leaders, executive teams, managers and associates understand the source of unconscious or implicit bias (racial, gender, age and other forms of bias are discussed)leveraging the ongoing work of the Kirwan Institute (Ohio State), the Perception Institute and the Hass Institute (UC Berkeley). It was spearheaded by the American Leadership Forum (ALF) Mountain Valley Chapter, beginning in2016, and has been adapted for a variety of audiences.


The trainings provide context for more effective discourse on race, gender and other forms of bias for institutions that want to change/guide their cultures. These lessons also help teams to establish a ‘safe container’ for conversations regarding racial, gender, age and other forms of bias, advantage blindness and privilege and create an essential foundation for any and all diversity and inclusion efforts.

Cassandra Pye

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