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Here are some best practices we are recommending during this time:

  • Is it a cold, flu, or coronavirus
  • Food Manufacturing Emergency Prevention Measures
  • Communicate with your customers the steps your business is taking to protect against COVID-19
  • Panic Buying Flyer
  • Out of Stock flyer
  • Ask customers to implement social distancing (six feet per person) while standing in checkout lines
  • Social distancing sign #1
  • Social distancing sign #2
  • Social distancing t-shirt mock up
  • Educate employees and customers on CDC-recommended hygiene procedures
  • Institute additional mandatory cleaning or sanitizing schedules and directions around stores
  • Increase or add hand sanitizing stations around your stores for customers and employees
  • Picture of a hand sanitizer station
  • Assign employees to regularly sanitize shopping carts and other high-traffic or high-touch areas. Require any employees who have flu-like symptoms to stay home
  • Institute purchasing limits on high demand items and household staples (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning products)
  • Consider changing regular store hours to encourage grocery shopping at lower traffic times
  • Schedule specific hours of operation for vulnerable populations to shop without other customers
  • Sign for at-risk customers
  • Expand remote shopping options if available (click-and-collect, delivery, pick-up, shop-by-phone)
  • Update and communicate your sick leave and paid-time-off policies to your employees regarding COVID-19
  • Identify hard-to-cover positions and implement cross-training to prepare for coverage issues
  • Stay in communication with WFIA with problems and comments about COVID-19. Make sure your company is receiving regular updates

Best practices list provided by National Grocers Association.